About Sustainobles

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Who We Are

We at Sustainobles are a dedicated force for positive change. We're all about making a real difference. By focusing on sustainable actions and taking initiatives on acts like recycling etc., we transform lives by funding education, helping to pay children's school fees, providing stationery items, and using football as a catalyst for holistic development in indigent and rural children.

Vision & Mission


"We envision a world where Sustainobles plays a pivotal role in transforming the lives of children in rural and slum areas, providing them with education, clean water, and creating sustainable communities that serve as beacons of hope and progress."


"We are on a mission to empower children in rural and underserved communities, particularly those in slum areas, by focusing on quality education, clean water, and sustainable community development aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals."

Why We Started

Sustainobles was initiated with a profound mission to bridge educational gaps in rural areas. Focused on sustainable practices like recycling, we started to generate funds to provide school fees, stationary items, and leverage football and a book club as extra-curricular activities for the rural child.

Our Purpose

Empowering Children in disadvantaged areas by championing recycling initiatives, organizing book clubs and using the earning to fund their education. Also, harnessing and leveraging the power of football to positively impact and transform their lives.